The Four Elements

The holidays are one of the busiest times for engagements. Family time, presents, fires blazing, gorgeous rings in pretty boxes...You've been waiting for him to propose and when the moment finally arrives, you take a day or two to really enjoy it's time to plan the wedding. Panic sets in with most newly engaged brides-to-be but don't let it!!! Try, as much as you can, to really enjoy this time but if you MUST get going on wedding details, start with one of the Four Elements: Season, Tradition, Location and Color.

Season: Decide when you want to get married.  If you have been dreaming of an outdoor wedding but don't live in Hawaii or San Diego, January may not be the best month for you to get hitched.

Tradition: Make sure to really do your research on where the tradition came from. Talk to your parents or grandparents....ask them about their relationships and details from their weddings...if there isn't a tradition that you like, start your own!

Location: Maybe he proposed to you in front of your favorite museum or during a wonderful picnic in the's always nice to incorporate those details into where you want to get married. Start early!! Venues book up far in advance and if you have you heart set on a certain place, don't get your heart early!

Color: This is my favorite! There are so many ways to incorporate color into your wedding. Bridesmaids dresses, shoes, flowers, favors, cake, linens, etc. Just make sure not to get too crazy trying to match the pink dot in the invitation to the pink flowers in the cake topper...that will only drive you insane...enjoy this time!