Sur la Table

I'm sure that most of us have this little fascination with the Food Network...I know I do! When Ina Garten makes the most delicious looking tarts, lemon peel custard and chicken salad (her version is way fancier than mine!), she always has the most interesting cooking utensils, pots, pans, colanders, etc. Well, today I did a very bad thing...I wandered into Sur la Table just to "look"...I was walking around the store, not quite sure how to use everything, but I was totally planning what I would make, if I knew what everything was for...

Did you guys know they have a bridal registry?! I obviously had to share this delicious gem with you! I'm telling you right now, you'll be able to impress your husband/wife and all of your guests in your new home with all of your culinary skills...well, Sur la Table doesn't guarantee culinary masterpieces but they guarantee nice cookware while you try!

{my veggies never strained better than they do now}


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