Fresh Fridays!

{Navy Pier}

I was in Chicago last week visiting my sister, brother-in-law and the kiddies.  I had such a wonderful time while I was there even if I did get super sick. I didn't mind though...making "spicy cawwots (carrots)" for my nephew and having sleepovers with my niece, watching "The Walking Dead" with my sister and brother-in-law, Chicago was a much much much needed trip!

{Bahai House of Worship}

{Cutie-face nephew who asks me to make "Spicy Cawwots" for him}

{Gorgeous niece who plays the violin and is just all around so amazing}

{We even took a water taxi!}

{Spent some time with Marilyn}

{Took 6,000,000,000 pictures at the "Bean"}

Happy Friday, Gorgeous!


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