Engagement Love - Sharly & Jordan

Meet Jordan & Sharly.  I always love hearing engagement stories and this one really made me happy.  I feel like an engagement should always be a surprise.  Even if you both have had conversations about it, surprise your girl.

Jordan is friends with the King of Pops and asked him to assist in the surprise.  He gave him the ring and he tied it to a popsicle.  Jordan planned on taking Sharly to get a popsicle and of course propose.  He packed an outfit for her knowing that they were going to take engagement shots immediately after she said yes, in the park.  I was dying laughing when he told me the issues he was having.  He suggested that she change and she didn't want to.  Also, it wasn't like him to suggest outfit choices for her.  As they were sitting in the car, she opened a can of coke and it exploded all over her so it worked in the end.  She kept saying,"Did you do that on purpose? I won't be mad if you did.  Just tell me if you did."  The funniest thing is that she didn't think anything was weird when he had a change of clothes for her in his car.

They arrived to get their popsicles and the one Sharly wanted was out-of-stock. Well, it wasn't but that's what they told her.  The King of Pops suggested a different flavor and after some convincing, she said ok.  The ring was attached and the rest is history.  Take a look at their beautiful shots taken by Jamie W. Moore.


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