Melissa & Davin!

Melissa &; Davin were married on the rooftop at Ventanas in Atlanta, GA.  One of the things that I loved so much about their wedding was how much fun they were devoted to having.  Yes, devoted. 

Their incredible band, Jukebox, kept the guests entertained and singing along as if they were at a concert.  I caught myself doing a little two-step in the corner at one point.  DJ E-Clazz kept the party going after hours.  Mark Fitchpatrick provided the vibrant flowers. 

Now, some of you may know how much I ADORE working with Catherine Ritchie Park of My Life Photography and these pictures are just one of the reasons why.  I've looked at this wedding too many times to admit.  The rooftop at Ventanas, the pink flowers, the STUNNING bride and groom...this wedding is one for the books.  Get comfy, I've got a lot to share!

Ok, this next series of pictures is from their first look.  Some people like to do their first look alone but Melissa & Davin decided to have it surrounded by their bridal party.  We had Davin facing the opposite direction of where Melissa was to enter.  I told her to just walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder but she was too nervous which was probably the BEST thing ever!  They've been together for quite some time but she was so nervous.  This is what I love about weddings.  When Davin saw her, he got a huge smile on his face then the tears began to flow.  It was pure magic.

 {this...I just...}

{Melissa's step-dad walked her to her father who then walked her down the aisle}

 {and yes, she was WERKIN' that dress!!!}