Skylar's First Birthday Party with Elmo!


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of planning Skylar's first birthday party. I received panicked call from her mother, Renata, 10 days before the party asking for my help. She gave me the colors, and the theme and my team and I ran with it. 

Let me tell you guys something, children's parties are NO joke!  These wrapped juice boxes are all the rage but every picture I've seen of them, the top wasn't covered. I was completely confused by that because it made the look unfinished. After all of my conversations with Renata and late night texts, I had to make this perfect. That's when my team grabbed rulers, glue guns and coffee...lots of coffee.  These juice boxes were so deep, yall. 

I wanted the party to be fit for children but classy as well. You know, a dinner party for the babies. I quickly learned that Elmo has a friend named Dorothy who is a fish. I decided to use Goldfish crackers as the runner down the middle of the table. The best part, I had them "swimming" down the table. Honestly, I NEED goldfish crackers swimming down my table just in my house! 

There are so many delicious details from the delicious dessert table to the insane balloons with tassels to the gaming truck to the puppet show...I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Thank you to Loyall Hart of Ross Oscar Knight Photography for saving the day with these beautiful photos!

Design and Décor: My Simply Perfect Events
Chairs: Sweet Seats
Assorted Desserts: Sweets By Mia
Venue: The B Loft