Fresh Fridays - Kate's Fertility Dance

I've been looking through old pictures from weddings that I've done in the past and this one moved me so much.  Kate developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome {SJS} which is an allergic drug reaction and had to postpone the wedding until the following year {see their wedding here}. 

This was a fertility dance that they were doing at the wedding.  Just a few weeks ago, I ran into Kate, Jon and their little honey pie, Coen.  I guess it worked!


Something Borrowed

I kind of died when Sharly showed up on Saturday wearing these earrings.  They were her "something borrowed" from her mother.  Just stunning.



The Entrance

I've never felt such intense energy when a bride and groom have entered their wedding reception as I did with Shantell & Corey.  DJ Battle of One Sound and Entertainment threw on T.I.'s "Bring 'Em Out" and I almost thought T.I. was actually there because as soon as the beat dropped, the crowd went crazy! 

{Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight Photography}




Summer Loves the Babies!

Ok, this baby was NOT trying to talk to me the whole night.  I would smile, wave, and I even offered her two pieces of cake!  She basically was like,"ANYWAY!"   Then I walked by and she ran over to me, put her hands out and stood there as if she was guarding the walkway.  I said, "Excuse me..." Then she threw her hands up wanting me to pick her up. 

I danced with her for one song and when I tried putting her down, she wasn't having ANY of it!  Her mom came over to get her since I was working after all, but she cried so I hard that I just held her for another song.  Well, one song turned into six so her parents decided to pry her little baby fingers off of my neck and take her home. 

{Photo Credit: My Life Photography}


First Dance Goodness!

You guys are not even ready for the amazingness that is Robert & Megan's wedding!  I can only do a sneak peek right now but here is a shot from their first dance.  They did the tango and it was hot hot hot!

{Photo Credit: Wedding 64}