Fresh Fridays - Florence & Blake Edition Part I

Last Saturday Florence and Blake were married!  The ceremony was at The Log Cabin church in Marietta.  This red door gives me everything.  After the ceremony, the guests headed over to Bold American's 887 located at the King Plow Arts Center.   I feel like I live at Bold American because I'm always there for tastings, meetings and weddings.  It is, by far, one of my favorite catering and decor companies in Atlanta...well, the people are pretty amazing as well!  Enjoy!

{Ok, this is the bride's mother and mother-in-law...notice something similar? They both had the same outfit on! They didn't even buy them at the same time! It became the topic of conversation all day}

{they tried very very hard to get a picture with everyone looking in the same direction with smiles and didn't happen BUT they were beautiful}

{Ok, I like to take a picture with each of my couples at the wedding annnnnnd this one wasn't happening at all!  We took a few and this is what came out-it was a long day, y'all}

{Photo Credit: Mike Thompson with Studio 1122}