Happy Anniversary Valeesha & Will!

In celebration of their one year anniversary, I'm finally able to share their beautiful wedding pictures!  I loved being a part of their wedding day.  Valeesha had the biggest, most beautiful smile on her face the entire day.  Will fractured his foot the day before the wedding but he was a trooper.  There were a few advil breaks but he got through the night and danced his heart out! 



{Then DJ Battle took over and the crowd went crazy!}

{Will danced all night...fractured foot and all}

{This baby ignored me for a good hour then she wouldn't let me put her down!}
Thank you so much Catherine, of My Life Photography for ALWAYS capturing each wedding so beautifully!


Engagement Love - Kristin & Mike!

Not only do I adore this couple, I adore this shot!  Kristin & Mike were in Atlanta for their engagement party and were able to get their engagement photos taken the next day.  It had been raining in Atlanta for about a week but the rain stopped just in time.  Thank goodness!
 {this is my favorite of the bunch!}

{Thanks My Life Photography!}


Fresh Fridays - Leslie & Jason Edition!

Leslie and Jason were married at the Trolley Barn located in Atlanta, Georgia.  There was a calmness and peace about the day that I'll never forget.  Congratulations, Leslie and Jason!
I was so excited to be able to work with Mai & Bri not only because their photos are ridiculously awesome but when you're around them, you feel like you're hanging out with friends you've had for years.  Enjoy!