My Simply Perfect Kids!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to plan the first birthday party for a special little girl.  During the planning, I realized that a lot children's parties are just miniature dinner parties for adults.  Follow me for a second: I wanted the party to be over-the-top but still fun for kids.  A floral centerpiece for a kid's party is a waste of flowers.  I decided to put goldfish crackers down the center of the table as the table runner.  While that was my favorite design element to-date, I wanted to switch it up a bit.

I thought about what my nieces, nephew and friend's children would like to do at a party and it was easy. Kid's want to have fun and dress up and have tea parties and be silly. We all know that the first birthday party is for the parents but what about all of the other birthdays?  There are so many little details involved with a kid's party that make them unique and fun so I dove right in!

From the first birthday to a Lego party all the way to a tea party, you just can't go wrong with My Simply Perfect Kids planning the party!  Take a look at some of our themed parties and try to melt from the overwhelming cuteness from these beauties!