"The Show"

On Saturday, July 28, 2018, I had the honor of planning “THE SHOW,” an exhibition ball organized in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, alongside the Fairplex/LA County Fair and Gorgeous Entertainment. A combination of both local and national ballroom notables and legends were in attendance and helped put on "THE SHOW" of a lifetime for Pomona County’s first-ever pride event. 

The Judges:
  • Trace Lysette
  • Marquise Vilson
  • Icon Mother Divine Chanel
  • Renaldo Maurice
  • Legendary Father Bi'Jon
  • Jamari Amour
  • Sean Milan Garçon
  • Billie Lee
The Performers:
  • Michele St. Laurent
  • Stasha Garçon
  • Legendary Father George Mizrahi
  • Posh the Artist
  • Angel Rose
  • Lil James Khan
  • Tori Milan
  • Savion Garçon
  • Dolores Ninja
  • Greg Garçon
  • Jaylen Blahnik
  • Jack Mizrahi
Production Assistants:
  • Jonovia Chase
  • Isla Purple Crush