Bobby & Fiona - Engagement Love

Yesterday I received the wonderful news that one of my dearest friends, Bobby, was engaged to this gorgeous woman, amazing is it that her name is Fiona?! I love that name. Bobby and Fiona are both photographers so it's no surprise that they took their own engagement pictures.  Bobby is the owner of "Our Favorite Day Photography" and Fiona is a freelance photographer in Australia. On a roadtrip up the California coast, Bobby and Fiona stopped off at random locations, set up the tripod and snapped away. 

Bobby is one of the funniest, silliest people that I know so it's so wonderful seeing this sweet side of him.  Well, there are a few silly pictures but it wouldn't be right if there weren't...congrats Bobby and Fiona!

{Photos courtesy of: "Our Favorite Day" Photography}


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