Miriam & Fred!

Let me just cut to the chase and tell you the most entertaining thing about Miriam and Fred: so, Miriam is hilarious and anyone who knows her, knows I'm not making that up. I'm constantly laughing about almost anything so needless to say, our meetings were filled with jokes, laughs and sometimes linens. Fred would sit by, roll his eyes and eventually laugh. Fred's #1 goal in life, aside from being a great husband, father, brother and friend, is to NOT laugh at Miriam but he loses every single time and it's HILARIOUS.

I'll never forget when Miriam sent me a text saying that she wanted to play Fred's college fight song on her trombone. I thought she was kidding because it's Miriam and this is something she'd joke I thought. Her father and I were the only ones who knew about it and when it was time, he grabbed the trombone, handed it to her and Miriam jumped right in. Fred looked stunned at first, got a huge grin on his face then he joined in along with everyone else. The entire day was full of memorable moments like this which made for one of the most magical weddings of my career.


Photography: Bri McDaniel Photography
Venue: The Foundry at Puritan Mill
Catering and Decor: Bold American Events
Cake: For Goodness Cakes
DJ: Exquisite Sounds and Ent.
Videography: Jeff Shane


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