Niles & Cottrell

When I first met, I mean, spoke with Niles, I knew that planning would be a breeze. She explained that she worked non-stop and needed someone to handle the stress and pressure of planning a wedding. No problem, right? Well, what originally started out as a 2017 wedding in Atlanta quickly turned into a 2016 wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana. I always say that I can plan a wedding in a week if I have to...Niles and Cottrell took me to task when they decided to move their wedding date up and gave me 2 1/2 months to plan everything. Needless to say, there were plenty of late-night calls, Facetime meetings and fires to be extinguished. 

The other challenge was finding local vendors to make their wedding simply perfect. Being that photography and videography are extremely important, we brought in Elle Danielle from TN and T. Miller Films from DC. I didn't meet Niles, Cottrell OR Trivell Miller until the day before the wedding but it felt as if I'd known them for years. Honestly, you guys, I can't handle how much I love everything about this wedding. From the mad-dash planning sessions to the new friendships with both client and vendors, I love everything. 

{You guys already know that I can't edit myself when it comes to how many photos I post so, get comfy!}

{The birds are all created from old vinyl records}

{If you thought the bird wall was cool, you'll be blown away by Sonya Clark’s ‘Madam CJ Walker II.’ Walker was one of the country’s first female African-American millionaires. She moved to Indy in 1910 and became incredibly successful due to her line of mail-order hair care products. There’s an image of Walker in the hotel, and, until you walk up closer, you won’t believe what it’s made of…}



Videographer: T. Miller Films
Cake: Classic Cakes 
Photo Booth: Top Hat Photo Booth  


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