Zhaleh & Mike!

To say that Zhaleh and Mike's wedding was epic would be an understatement. I remember when they first told me how many people they were inviting: "It'll be probably around 800 on the guest list so we're anticipating about 500..." And that's what they got! They chose a venue that was probably the most perfectly fit venue for a couple that I've ever seen. If you've ever been to AfroPunk you're aware of 787 Windsor. Yes, the huge warehouse with beautifully covered walls that lend to endless to photo ops. Basically, a dream.

Zhaleh and Mike walked down the aisle together to Bootsy Collins' "I'd Rather Be With You" surrounded by 500 of their friends and family members. I've never heard guests cheer so loudly for a couple and it set the tone for the whole day...a beautiful celebration. Get comfy because I have PLENTY of photos to share with you all.

Photographer: Moses Mitchell
Venue: 787 Windsor
Officiant: Noni Limar
DJs: Sunshine Zerda, Francesca Harding, Salah Ananse, Jamil Hamilton
Cake: Corinne Dixon
Photo Booth: Properly Weird
Hair: SarahGeorge Durham
Dress Tailor: Bethany Yellowtail of B. Yellowtail
Custom Suit, Watch and Cufflinks:Carl Ulysses of CU At the Altar
Ceremony Succulent Wall: Atlanta Succulents
Makeup: Aeja Washington/Megan Grossman
Dancers: Dance Brasil/Batucada: Andrea Moreira/ Rafael Pereira


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