Entrepreneur of the Year - Weddings & Events!

{My mom took this.  She didn't know how to use the camera so in the middle she whispered, "Is it on?"  I turned it on for her and ocntinued. Everyone laughed very very was hilarious.}

This weekend was the Stiletto Women In Business Awards where My Simply Perfect Weddings and Events was a finalist for the "Entrepreneur of the Year" for Weddings and Events.  Now, when I received the email letting me know that I was a finalist, I was so honored to have been nominated at all that I didn't care if I won or not.  The nomination alone was super major in my eyes.

I totally won!

Thank you so so so much to everyone for all of your support.  It really means the workd to me.  Get ready for more amazing weddings and events...This is totally our year. 


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