Engagement Love - Mom & Dad

I was looking through some old pictures and came across these engagement pictures of my mom and stepfather. I LIVE for these pictures because they are not like any of the engagement pictures that we see nowadays and let's face it, my parents look pretty rad here.  These were taken 23 years ago and are just as amazing today than they were back then. 

Oh wait! This is my mom's wedding dress.

Mom is KILLING those sequins!

This was at my sister's wedding 3 years ago.


  1. OH MY GOD, YES! Your Dad is serving Blue Steel meets insurance salesman and I LOVE it. Your Mom looks flawless then and now ;)

    1. Hey C! Thank you! My dad did actually sell insurance at one point and I have NO idea where he got Blue Steel from but he sure was giving it! I showed my mom your comment and she said, "Make sure to tell your friend thank you!" HAHA!

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