Shantell & Corey - (Another) Sneak Peek

As a wedding planner, I am well aware that the magic is in the details.  The thing that I love about this shot is seeing how all of the pieces of the puzzle came together in order to make a memorable event. 
  1. The candy bar: when I spoke with Shantell about having a candy bar, I knew that I had to present something spectacular.  Her wedding was anything but average so I had to make sure that her candy bar would stand out.  At one point in the night, I had to tend to a behind-the-scenes emergency and when I came back into the room, someone had moved the candy bar from the side to the middle of the room.  It is still a mystery who moved it but it warmed my candy bar obsessed heart.
  2. The mirrored dance floor gave me LIFE!
  3. The Atlanta Allstars performed old school hits throughout the night.
  4. The lighting provided a magical atmosphere.
  5. The guests had an absolute ball the entire night!
{Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight Photography}


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