Megan & Robert!

Robert and Megan were married at Anoush in Los Angeles.  Ok, just try to wrap your head around 17 bridesmaids and 17 groomsmen, 8 groom ushers, 2 flower girls and 400 guests. 
This couple holds a very very special place in my heart.  Not only have I known Robert since I was 7 years old, he's also one of my closest friends in the whole world.  His family is my family.  Luckily, Megan is just as amazing and so if her family.  I already had adoption papers drawn up for her parents to adopt me the way Robert's family has.  {That's a figure of speech.  I'm not really adopted}
This wedding was put together with love.  The details of this wedding are amazing.  Her mother made all of the fascinators that all 17 bridesmaids wore.  Her aunts and a few bridesmaids made the cake and other desserts.  Wait until you see the candy bar....her aunts were responsible for that masterpiece as well.  Oh wait, have you seen Megan's dress?! So get this, her mother sewed each of the crystals onto her dress by hand but when they saw the dress in the light, they were the wrong color so her mom took them ALL off and started over.  Talk about love.
Thank you so much to Wedding64 for these absolutely gorgeous pictures.  I'm not good at editing my selections down so grab some coffee, a warm blanket and get ready to live the magic of Robert and Megan's beautiful wedding.  {and no, they're not models...they just totally should be!}
 {Robert got all of the groomsmen cufflinks that were personal to each groomsman.  Robert had a guitar since he's a musician}


{Did I tell you guys about how they made movie posters of their favorite love stories and posed as the characters? De-Tails!}


 {seating cards...SO orginal!}

  {They used wedding ceremony traditions from 8 different cultures for their ceremony}

{The band played music from "The Princess Bride" as the bridal party walked down the aisle}

{Megan's mom had the officiant surprise the couple by starting the ceremony off with the ceremony from "The Princess Bride".  You know, "Wuv. True's what brings us togeva today..."}

{Oh, hiiiiiiii! Robert and Megan did the tango for their first dance! It's by far, the sexiest first dance I've ever seen.}

 {Then Megan and her bridesmaids, mom and aunts followed the sexiest first dance with an even sexier surprise hula for the groom}

{This is one of my favorite shots from the wedding.  Robert dropped some cake on Megan's chest and well...bent down and ate of her chest!}

Congratulations to Robert and Megan. I love you guys so much!


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