Serena & Trent!

Ok, are you guys ready for a crazy story?!  Meet Serena and Trent.  So, I get a text message late on a Tuesday night which read, "You were Tracy's wedding planner.  Do you want to be mine? Here's the catch...I'm getting married on Friday."  I read the text message, called her back and immediately started organizing all of the information that was being given to me. 
The next morning I went to Park Tavern to do the walkthrough then I met with Serena and Trent to go over details.  Most people would think that Serena would have freaked out as any bride would but she didn't.  She had a quick moment that came and went almost immediately.  When I walked into the rehearsal the next day, both of their families greeted me with open arms and tears.  Weddings are always emotional and with a last minute emergency, the emotions tend to take over. 
I knew this couple for two days and when I showed up on the wedding day, it was as if I had known them for years.  I hold a place in my heart for each couple I work with and time doesn't matter.  Serena and Trent are definitely a part of the My Simply Perfect family.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your very special day. {thank you to Jason Hales Photography for the beautiful images!}

Flowers: Buckhead Blooms
Cupcakes: CamiCakes
Harpist: Monica Hargraves


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