Ashley & Ed!

A few weeks after Ashley got engaged, she sent me an email asking about my services.  We met up for coffee and completely hit it off.  I'm constantly observing my clients.  To me, part of being an exceptional planner is being able to read your clients and understand their needs even before they're expressed.  She and I were on the same page throughout the entire planning process because she trusted me.  I've talked about how important trust is between my clients and me and how it contributes to the overall success of the wedding. 
Seeing everything come together was insanely satisfying.  From the food to the décor to the dress, Ashley and Ed's wedding was a dream.

  {I love how Ashley's trying to calm herself down by breathing slowly...this is right before she saw Ed for the first time}
  {Ashley's dance with her father was so great!  DJ Battle threw on "Before I let Go" and it couldn't have been a more perfectly fitting song}

  {Anyone wanna talk about this stunning Edison light blub heart installation created by Andy Beach?! Obsessed.}
 {Are we seeing this outfit change?}
  {I just feel like it doesn't get happier than this}

Venue: Ventanas 
DJ:  DJ Battle of One Sound and Entertainment
Flowers and Décor:  Andy Beach
Videographer: Eric Blanks Media 
Hair: Jasmine Watts  
Photography: Traci Reid and Carey Mays


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