Shelby & James!

Shelby & James were married (again) in Malibu this summer.  I say "again" because their first wedding was in Australia.  Shelby moved to Australia a few years ago and life just took off from there!  Not that life wasn't happening when she lived in the states but that's where she met her James.  It's a but like a fairytale.  Move to Australia, meet this super handsome, loving guy all while staying your sweet, pure self. 
When I saw their wedding pictures, I was kind of dying because they looked like an ad for a magazine.  Are we seeing these shots on the beach?!  Do you see Shelby's hair with the baby's breath and flowers?!  The way her dress flows in the wind, the laughter all around, her stunning bridal party...I can't get enough!

{get 'em, Shelby Jean!}

Photo Credit: Ben Sowry Photo


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