Engagement Love - Brooke & Ryan!

I was referred to Brooke through one of my favorite brides, Misty.  She said that she thought Brooke might need some help and I was instantly excited because anyone who knows Misty is good with me! 
When I met Brooke in person, it was as if I already knew her.  Our emails and phone conversations were so easy relaxed, I felt like I was talking to a friend.  Whenever I meet a groom for the first time, I'm observing more than anything.  I watch how they interact with their fianc√© they care at all?  Do they care too little? All of these things run through my mind.  Ryan was so sweet and loving with Brooke.  He cared about wedding details but not to the point that it was annoying (guys, it CAN get annoying...just let her do what she wants!).  I'm basically dying for their wedding next year!

{Photo Credit: Sarah Slavik Photography}


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