Adrienne & Jeff!

If I graded my couples based on the planning advice they took from me, Adrienne and Jeff would get an A+! After our first meeting, I took notes and understood how they moved as a couple. They took all of the information in, they'd consult with each other and then come back to me and tell me their final decision, which was always what I suggested. I always told them to trust the experts and they did...all the way until the end. 

Now, as much as I'm praising these two, I had a bit of a struggle convincing them to do a first look. They were determined not to see each other before the ceremony. They felt that it took away from the actual moment, which I understood. Logistics were a huge factor in the photographer and I pushing for their first look. Ultimately, they trusted the experts and had one of the most magical first looks that I've ever witnessed. 

Photography: My Life Photography
Venue & Catering: Venetian Room 
Makeup: 9 Shades By J 
Bouquets & Decor: Brides and Blooms 

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  1. That's my former boss Jeffery Smith, congratulations you really had a colorful wedding. May the Almighty God hide both of you under his wings.