Karida & Derrell's Surprise Engagement!

The idea of getting engaged at someone's wedding is normally a no-no. You know how it goes: it's the bride's day and all of the attention should be solely on her. While that's true in most cases, I can't help but LOVE the idea of bride's allowing their friends to get engaged during their wedding. It takes a very special bride to share some of the shine with someone else on her special day.  

While everyone was gearing up for Joy and Lateef's destination wedding in San Francisco, Bahia, Joy's daughter, received a phone call from Derrell, Bahia's close friend. He told her that he was going to propose while they were in town. Joy overheard the conversation, grabbed the phone and insisted that he propose during their reception.  She said,"You'll be surrounded by friends and family. That'll be the PERFECT place to do it!" 

After all of the formal pictures had been taken, Joy and Lateef changed into their reception outfits, thanked everyone for coming and gave Derrell the signal, "Thank you all for coming and celebrating this beautiful day with us...but first..." When Karida and Derrell were done with the traditional African dances they had practiced, all of the dancers stayed at the front of the room, swaying from side-to-side. Karida didn't know what dance this was but she stayed up there and swayed with everyone else. As Derrell played the drum, he made his way over to Karida and the rest is history.  It was an honor to have been able to witness it all unfold. For Joy and Lateef, the proposal was the icing on the cake.  

{Photo Credit: Ifanyi Bell}

You can watch the magic unfold below:


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